Why high engagement content trumps hard sell content

Without having to dive too deep into the ins and outs of content strategy, it is obvious that having quality content online, truly drives traffic and leads. Many brands are fighting for their place on our news feeds. Spots are limited and audiences tend to engage with content that is striking. Striking content is content that is sharable and means something to the audience. We are going to discuss two very different types of content, hard sell content and high engagement content, otherwise known as soft sell content.

Hard sell content

Hard sell content is when a brand dives straight into the sales message they’re trying to bring across. This type of tactic was used often effectively in traditional advertising techniques such as print, display ads, tv and billboards. This type of content mechanic has proven to be successful. Online, we like to develop a relationship with the audience in a more meaningful way.

High engagement content

The high engagement approach focuses on the long-term relationship a brand may have with everyone who has a stake in the brand including; the audience, an agency, the CEO or the designer. This approach takes a softer and more tactical approach, as it essentially builds a two-way connection with its audience and stakeholders.

High engagement content focuses on a more nurturing approach with a long term goal at hand, which may assist with building trust. If you take a scroll through successful brand pages on social media, most of them have an open channel of communication with customers which adds more of a intimate connection to the brand. Brands that are successful or generate leads offer real content that makes people tick and strikes an emotion cord that hard sell tactics sometimes struggle to achieve.

Due to the amount of time people spend on social media, content has to showcase real, emotional and engaging aspects in order for that content to be classified as good content. Content needs a specific approach in order to build a community and to retain an online audience.

Why are high engagement posts better for content creation?

It is clear that high engaging content has proven to generate greater traffic. Audiences want to feel included, which in turn can assist a brand in growth and expansion. Content marketing that is effective, can deliver conversation and improve a brand’s stats growth online as well as in sales. High engagement content is effective as it assists in growing a community of similar minded individuals. 


By: Simone Dias