Why creating content pillars are important

Once you’ve established your emotional drivers, it’s important that you need to start thinking about and creating your content pillars. Content pillars are specific themes/topics that can be broken up into smaller content pieces. Here are a few reasons why creating content pillars are important.


When we as an agency create content, we usually work with four content pillars. It is up to you to decide how many you would like to create. Having your content pillars in place ensures that you are creating diverse content, that you’re creating a similar number of posts under each content pillar.


Content pillars gives your content structure. You know how many pieces of content you have to create under each pillar and therefore you have some direction. These pillars shouldn’t be too specific, but rather stand as a broader umbrella term. Examples of content pillars can be; specials, sell, drive to site or engagement.

How to create your content pillars

You need to think about your overarching theme or idea and then take it from there. Your content pillars are the little umbrella themes under your big idea. They support and hold your overarching theme, they are literally like pillars that would hold up a house, get it? Think about how you’re going to support your overarching theme and create your pillars from there.

For example

If your overarching idea is to sell dream holiday packages on your website, your content pillars could be sell, drive to site, aspiration and engagement. Let’s have a closer look at these four pillars and what they mean.

Sell- posts under this pillar would include prices of certain holiday packages and advertising what these packages include.

Drive to site- these posts would have a click through option and would encourage people to have a look at the website.

Aspiration- these would include posts that focus on the lifestyle aspect, showing beautiful imagery of an exotic island for example.

Engagement- these posts are designed to be ‘fun’ and would ask the customer to react or comment.

Have you thought of your content pillars yet?