If you are reading this then you may be in the industry or want to learn how to create wicked content. To become an expert in social media or to build a career in Inbound Marketing, the key is to stay relevant and to be hungry for new information.

Why it’s important to keep on learning

As a digital marketer it is vital to keep up to date with new trends and new technologies. If you are standing still – you are actually moving backwards, believe it or not. Keeping up to date with digital trends not only allows you to bring new ideas to the table at work but enables you to be the best digital specialist you can be. In essence, it is important to keep on learning in order to better our communications skills and keep the passion for what we do at heart.

Staying on the pulse as a business

Without adaptation, people and businesses can be left behind. Doing the same thing over and over again only brings about the same results. Stagnant content or stagnant business tends to fail. Learning new skills and remaining relevant can help achieve new goals and better leads, which in turn assists in broadening the scope of new clients and revenue.

With the availability of information online or on social platforms, there is a false belief that to learn we have to pay to get as many courses as possible under our belts. This statement is false, well we believe so anyway. We can learn and do courses without having to pay a cent and we are going to be speaking about online courses and where to find them here.

Where to find a FREE course

To dive deeper into online courses that come at no price at all our favourite site that offers a free marketing course is the Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification. This service offers videos that you can work through at your own pace. Hubspot is a pioneer of the Inbound Marketing method and does not cost a cent. They offer a variety of other courses as well.  

To get started on these courses, click here: https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/inbound.

No matter which industry we are in, if we continue to learn we are planning for the future, we automatically improve performance and profits. When we plan and up-skill ourselves, we in turn bring about a massive competitive advantage to the company as well as the fact that we can sell ourselves at a higher stake too.

Written by: Simone Dias