When it comes to creating and planning your content strategy, the first thing you need to ask yourself is; what are my objectives? What do I want to achieve with the content I’m creating? Do I want to boost sales, do I want to create awareness around my brand or do I want to create an identity or brand tone through my content?

If you’re not asking yourself these questions then you’re creating content blindly, which may seem enough at the start of your journey, but will soon prove not to be adequate enough as you have no proper roadmap to your end destination.

Emotional drivers

At Sconetent we look at key emotional drivers that we know an audience will react to. Depending on your brand, your tone and mission you have, you should be using at least one emotional driver in mind when you’re creating content. Here are a few of the most powerful examples below.


This one is probably the easiest one to write for and to create content around, if you have the skill 😉 Everyone likes to have a laugh, so if it’s fitting for your brand you should create some posts your audience will enjoy and will want to share with their friends.


A second emotional driver that people would react to is sadness. Although these kinds of posts aren’t great to see, they usually educate the audience or sometimes ask something of them. Think adverts to adopt animals or posts that lead to signing a petition against something awful happening in the world.


Creating content that brings joy to people is always a good idea. If you’re creating beautiful content that people can appreciate, you’re automatically bringing some kind of joy to them just by them looking at your content. Think those beautiful travel posts, reviews about restaurants or advertising your latest heeled boots.


Last but not least, anger causes people to react as well, and is possibly the most powerful emotion to illicit.  This would encompass anything controversial that you almost never know how your audience will react to. They could appreciate your boldness or hate it, and you can be sure that they will let you know how they feel.

Sconetent’s Mission

“We create content that elicits the responses that cause people to click. We sweat on our keyboards to make people share. At Sconetent, our priority is to start the laughter, turn on the tears, create the joy or drive fists in the air in anger. These are the four core human emotions that make us want to talk in the social space and every single bit of content we create – is aimed to make us feel.

This is Sconetent.

What are you feeling right now?”

Remember to plan your content for the right people, through the right mediums on their terms. Your audience comes first.