What to do when you’re feeling uninspired

You can’t feel inspired and come up with exciting ideas all day, every day. Unfortunately, every single one of us has a creative block every now and then and it could be bad for your mental state if you don’t do something about it soon after realising it. It’s frustrating. Instead of trying to push through and going round in circles, here are a few things you could do when you’re feeling uninspired.

  1. Take a walk

Most of us sit at a desk, in front of a computer every day. It’s a good idea to get up and move around every hour or so and this is an even better idea if you’re busy working on something that you’re stuck on. We’ve all been there. Get up, go outside and take a ten minute walk. You’ll get a lot more done after that and the fresh air can’t do any harm. If it’s raining, take a walk in your building.

  1. Do something completely different

Take your mind off of your task at hand and do something completely different for a few minutes. A good example of this is making a cup of tea or coffee for yourself and your co-workers. Bring a magazine to work and take a few minutes to browse through that or listen to music for a few minutes while mindlessly drawing, or something.

  1. Research

If you’re feeling uninspired on the work you’re currently busy with, open a new tab and do some research on something completely different for 30 minutes. Even if it is planning your holiday or what cake you want to bake over the weekend.

  1. Start something else

Your to-do list is piling up and you’re stuck on one particular project that’s taking much longer than it should. Instead of just focusing on that one task that’s getting you nowhere, put it aside and start on something else. By doing this, you won’t feel guilty that you’re not working. Then when you’re feeling better about the previous task, get back to working on it.

  1. Chat to a coworker

This might seem silly and like a waste of time when you’ve got work piling up, but it’s always good to discuss your thoughts and ideas with someone else. They might say something that sparks an idea in you or the conversation will just give you the break you needed to take from the task.

All the ideas listed above are practices that are aimed at giving you a break from the task/project you’re feeling uninspired about. Sometimes coming back to your work with a fresh perspective is a good thing, which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change track completely. You could probably come up with a whole bunch of ideas that are practical for you. Let us know what you’ve come up with below!