What makes you a great community manager?

One of the most important roles in your business, regarding your social media, is the community manager. This counts as you, if you’re doing the job yourself. The community manager or CM as we’ll be referring to it from now on, handles all queries or comments on the company’s social media pages.

It is therefore important that you have a really great CM, as they are the face and the voice of your organisation.

Roles & Responsibilities

If you’re unsure what a community manager does, as mentioned above they’re responsible for answering any queries/comments on social media. These include reacting to comments, replying in the comment section, responding to wall posts and to inbox messages.

The CM is also responsible for posting content on the different platforms that you might have. This job gets tricky when the CM is in charge of a few different brand’s pages. A great CM should be really organised and knows exactly what should go up and when. The general rule is that queries should be answered within one hour during the working day as well.


What makes a CM great is their ability to change their tone of voice depending on which brand they’re working on. We’ve chatted about tone of voice and now know how important it is to get that right and to maintain it.

People generally have a writing style that they naturally gravitate to, it’s important to be able to change this up when you’re working on a brand that is completely different to your natural style, when answering queries.


If you’ve ever worked on a brand that has a massive following, you’ll know how busy the CM can get with responding to customers. We all know that people can sometimes ask pointless questions as well as complain about everything.

It is sometimes really difficult to be patient with people, so a great CM has to have a lot of patience when dealing with customers online. They are, after all, the face of the brand.

There are certain ways that a CM cannot respond in, if you’re unsure, think about how you would be talking to a customer face-to-face and apply the same rules here. If you’re struggling with this one and you’re frustrated with a certain customer, take a ten minute walk around the block or go make a coffee, then come back and regroup.  

Brand knowledge

A great CM knows the brand they’re working on inside out. They have their query channels down and will know exactly what to respond with, when. This information should be gathered and asked for before they start working on the brand, so when day one hits, it’s an easy start.

Should there be any bumps in the road, the CM will know who to contact before it becomes a big issue.


If you didn’t know this yet, CMs generally do work overtime because social media never sleeps. A good CM should be willing to sometimes post in the evenings or over weekends and if disaster hits, be available to community manage at any time.

Crisis management

Disasters do strike on social media, someone could swear on the page or make racial comments and that needs to be dealt with immediately, otherwise it could have a snowball effect and turn into something you don’t want and won’t be able to manage.

A great CM will be able to keep calm, steer the conversation to inbox messenger and then manage the person on the other side. It’s important not to give them false hope or promises in these kinds of situations. Escalate the issue to the correct person who will be able to deal with it immediately. Most of the time the person complaining just wants to be heard, keep in mind there are trolls out there who just want to make life difficult for you too.