This is a letter to the president of Nambia, whoever you may be or even if you are or are not in office yet. We don’t know much about new countries.

To be fair though – neither does the leader of the free world. We’ll be honest we don’t have a lot of experience in the digital marketing of countries and for that reason, we’d like the opportunity to do the digital marketing for a country that doesn’t even exist yet. Startups for the win.

We wanted to put together a massive pitch but we don’t have time. We’re sure that already the big agencies have their creative teams brainstorming with some creative director is fiddling with a Rubix cube and shooting down ideas. We come up with ideas and we execute quicker than you can threaten North Korea.

(We’re not threatening North Korea, we don’t have the time for that, we’re coming up with other ideas)

I know, I know.

What’s the big idea? How do we make money for a country with no people, no resources and no income?

We sell the only thing Africa has left after the rest of the world has robbed us of our beautiful natural resources. We sell tourism, we’ll even invite Donald and Melania to visit us.

Once we know what the objective is, we find a way to communicate it through emotion.

Our chosen emotion, in this case, is apathy because trying too hard to find out the actual name of something has a large amount of shareability.

So what’s the BIG IDEA?

We’re confident we’ll get the business.

If not, we’ll just sip on a covfefe, because you know, we still don’t know what that actually is either.

Call us.