The Objective

1: Develop an inclusive multi-platform campaign that drives the message that TomTom is for everyone. 

2: Drive the USP of the TomTom watches

3: Drive conversation through excellent brand storytelling

4: To get TomTom fans excited about TomTom and the introduction of the possibility to earn Discovery points with their TomTom watches

The Idea

TomTomkms are not Kms in the traditional sense, TomTomkms are everything in our day to day lives that get our heart rates up and keeps us active. #TomTomkms are a dance of joy, a climb up a flight of stairs or a run round the block.

TomTomkms are a collective audience contribution of themselves to an inspired cause greater than their own.

The Outcome

64% audience growth.

763% growth in reach.

106% growth in engagement.

The Objective

BOUNCE was brought to South Africa from Australia. It is a trampoline park built to include everybody. BOUNCE wanted to recruit awesome staff that fit within the brand profile, as well as drive interest in the opening of an awesome new venue for entertainment in JHB.

The perceived cost of engagement on Facebook is too high, at R4 per like it is nearly impossible to justify the cost, unless the user is engaging.

The Idea

By following the simple ideals of SconeTent, we looked at providing stellar content, targeted media and community management to engage the communities in a way that would create and generate excellent genuine interest.

We also understood the very important ZMOT as a selling tool as well as a branding and education around the brand.

The Outcome

In 3 Months.

30, 000 Facebook Likes

R0,50 per like

Engagement rate of 25%

2025 Fans on Instagram 

The Problem

Cape Town Cycle Tour (CTCT) were to launch a new name that would place them as an internationally exciting race to participate in.

Because of a legacy sponsorship with the Argus, The CTCT is known as ‘The Argus’ to local cyclists.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, a charity, wanted to deliver this message to South Africa’s most influential cyclists in an inexpensive but effective method.

The Work

Content delivery only forms a small part of the journey, consumer engagement through content is important. Although the number of followers is important, it means nothing if they are not engaging.

Sconetent’s greatest aim is to create a community of brand story tellers who help, together with analytics, to create new content and deliver reports that can aid business decisions like product development and consumer behaviour.

The Outcome

The campaign generated all the right kind of wrong interest in the faux PR agency seeing a raise in followers as onlookers began to watch what they stated to be a ‘social media train wreck’ and raising little suspicion among South Africa’s Cycling elite.

The campaign created appeal to the right audience and delivered the correct message a week before the official name change.

Crescent Moon PR is no longer in business but can attribute a reach of 568, 987 in one week.

The Objective

YummyPets is a social network exclusively run for pets, by pet parents. The platform was created in France and has amassed over 500 000 users in France.

For this platform to be successful and generate interest from potential investors, it must gain international success by developing an English user base.

It is also difficult for a start-up to allocate the small amount of funds they have correctly to make certain they receive the very best R.O.I

The Idea

Through a long process of client meetings via Skype we have begun to develop the kind of relationship necessary to create excellent content on the page, even though the client is in France.

Because of the language barrier a large portion of the work has had to be refining the content on the site to make it grammatically correct.

The Outcome

The Facebook page has grown by 250% over three months

Engagement rates on the page have developed by 40%

English users on has grown by 370%