We’re about the community manager at Sconetent. We know exactly what it’s like when you start your content calendar, you’re faced with a couple of outright deadly challenges. Your content has to be engaging, it has to meet the strategic objectives you’ve presented to the client and it has to be relevant

At Sconetent, we’re all about the community manager and we don’t want you to feel as useless as the Nespresso loyalty programme.

Here is a handy and really pretty link to help you along the way: Topical Days for Content Creation

We’re making your life easier than telling your parents what it is that you do.

Thank Monet for the design – she’s so talented she’s got the whole team to believe that a stray cat belongs to the office. Dale is fighting this.

Thank Beate and Sim for the research. They’re smarter than the television your gran just purchased and will never use to its full potential.

Now dance.