Social media roles & responsibilities

In this article we’re going to be looking at the roles and responsibilities of people working specifically in a small digital agency that specialises in social media management. In bigger agencies, these roles decrease and become more specific. If you’re a freelancer or doing everything yourself, then you embody all of the roles.

Community manager

The community manager is the face of the brands your company manages. They will respond to all queries on social channels and they are responsible for posting the content that has been created for the brands. They have certain sections to fill out in reports and to assist with other tasks like collecting competition entries.


The copywriter is in charge of writing all the content for the brands your company represents. This includes copy for social media posts, ads, blog posts, newsletters and anything else clients require.


The graphic designer is in charge of all the artwork that goes out on social media, newsletters or on websites. They take a look at presentations or other documents that get sent to client as well.

Paid Media

Sponsoring content on Facebook and Instagram has become very important after the big algorithm change of 2017. Usually there is one or two people who focus on this, they need to be very focused and handle numbers with care as they’re working with client’s money. They are in charge of everything from page like ads to the boosting of normal posts as well as keeping track of everything.

Quality Control

This person should ideally have an eye for detail as they are the last point of call before something gets sent to client or posted online. This is everything from spelling to tone consistency and sometimes artwork as well.

Client Lead

The client lead does exactly what their name suggests, they are the ones who talk to clients over email or telephone. Whatever queries or complaints anyone in the team has about the brand, the client lead will clarify with the clients. If the client needs anything from the team, this goes through the client lead as well.

Managing Director

The MD of the company runs everything from the employees to the final sign off of everything going out. They have multiple jobs that are merged into one with many responsibilities, ultimately they are responsible for the company’s performance.

Sometimes, these roles and responsibilities tend to overlap in a smaller agency, everyone does a little bit of everything. The bigger the agency, the more ‘specialised’ the roles are.