Sconetent was built on emotion, so it made absolute sense that this is why we use this as the strategy to connect with everybody who has an interest in the organisation. We use humour, a lot because it’s something that really resonates with our entire team. We love to laugh just about as much as we like to create – it’s our fuel. 

If you spend time in the Sconetent offices it won’t take you long to realise this is a team that cares very deeply about a lot. It’s an environment that drives for excellent and accurate delivery. It’s a culture of performance driven by emotion without ego. 

We can no longer use or expect to use social media as a tool to build reach and brand reputation. They are important, but in the economic climate that we find ourselves in, we need to create an audience of people who we can continue to communicate with on every level.

What do we mean by all of this? 

If we have to use industry jargon, we’d say…

“We use data-driven insights to create content that creates a community of people with a vested interest in the brand, to make them customers.”

When we’re just happy to get the message across, we’d say…

“We develop communities of people using research. We connect with these audiences and then sell to them from the position of trusted advisor.”

Whether we talk in impressive industry speak or layman’s terms, all of that means nothing without our fundamental two principles in this business, people and emotions, so wonderfully intertwined as part of the human experience.  

People are our clients, our audiences and our people. We know that relationships are such a fundamental part of what we do that we work on them all the time. We flourish when our relationships are strongest. Through communication, we learn about ourselves and the people around us. 

  • We learn about our clients through constant communication. 
  • We learn about their customers through data and community management. 
  • We learn about ourselves by constantly learning and doing everything we can to be better. 

We are not the perfect agency or people, but together we work perfectly at creating awesome projects, and as long as we can continue to be happy, make other people happy and deliver happiness to the audience – We’ll stay happy.