Reputation management, a practical example

The best and possibly the worst things about social media is that it’s 24/7, people are always online and therefore could always create problems for you as a social media manager or community manager. There will come a time in your life as a community manager where you have to protect the reputation of your business on your social channels from people who are being abusive or saying really damaging stuff about you. In this article we’re going to look at how to manage your reputation online with practical examples.  

What warrants reputation management?

There are a few types of responses (comments or wall posts) that warrant reputation management. Examples of these are racial comments, swearing, attacking another customer on your page or the posting of censored videos or images on your pages.

Take it to inbox

In the case of swearing or someone attacking someone else, the first and most important thing to do is to get the person to send an inbox message and to take their complaint off of the page. The last thing you want is to have other people get involved by agreeing with the person or defending the brand as this will just blow the situation up. As we’ve mentioned above, social media is 24/7 and things can spread like wildfire if left for too long.

Here is an example of a response from you as a brand to a comment:

Hi xxx, we’re sorry to hear about your experience, however swearing on our social media pages is against our company’s policy. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to hide your comment, please send us an inbox message so that we can further assist you.

Get their contact details

Once the customer has sent your brand an inbox message, ask them for their contact details and have someone from your team contact them, preferably by phoning them and sorting out the issue as soon as possible. The customer is already irritated about something, so it’s best not to add to that.  

Often companies don’t contact the customer fast enough and they come back to post on social media, which causes even more drama. Having personally experienced this, the processes of customer care need to be in place for all businesses and companies.

Here is an example of a message you can send to the customer once they have inboxed you:

Hi xxx, thank you for messaging us. Please send us your contact details so that we can get in touch with you asap. We hope to resolve this matter soon.

Block & Delete

If people post racial comments or images/videos that should be censored then you need to hide these posts and block that person immediately. People who post these kinds of things are not there to buy something or use your services, so you shouldn’t feel bad about blocking them.

This prevents them from coming back in the future and doing this again, most of the time your clients or boss will agree to you doing this.