October has been a month of hard work and lots of lunchtime rugby watching. We’re going to miss one of those things. We’re going to let you guess which one. 

As we near the end of the year, we start to take stock of what we’ve got and what we need. 

In doing so we realised we were one human short in the team, and we needed someone to come in to help the team get through the busy last few months of the year.

That man is Enrico Queiros.  (He speaks English)

He managed to escape from Gauteng and has joined us on a three-month internship, helping us out with design and community management. 

He makes music in his spare time and enjoys playing and watching football. We’re glad to have him as a new team member.

Welcome to Sconetent, Enrico!

In other news, this happened on a Friday at 9 am:

By Warwick Bethwaite