June has been a month of deviousness. 

We go through stages of childishness, and this month was definitely up there as one of our most immature phases. I’d like to fill you in on something that happened recently. 

It was an easy going afternoon, work was ticking by smoothly and there wasn’t a worry in the world. Little did Beate know, this was about to change.

Upon inspection, whilst on a smoke break, I found a number of newly erected signs outside of our office: 

For most of you that have visited us, you’d know that parking is a nightmare because of the large number of businesses littered around Greenpoint. 

This is a sign of bad news to the employees of Sconetent, and Beate was having none of it.

Once I returned to the office, I sensed there was bad energy in the office, mostly because Beate was fuming. 

Soon after I arrived, she started ranting, saying “What if I get a fine?” as though it’s something we would be able to help out with. 

Dale and I locked eyes, we shared a moment of telepathic connection and without saying a word between each other, I knew exactly what to do. This all happened while Beate continued ranting in the background.

Dale handed me two pink sticky notes and I headed out for another smoke break. I smoke often, so it’s not suspicious. 

Shortly after I left, I sent this through on our WhatsApp group:

Impressive camera work, right? 

In no time, Beate was on the phone to her family and was about to throw her phone off the balcony. With some A-class acting, we managed to hold off the prank as long as possible. Eventually, Beate went outside to check it out and once she returned to an office filled with laughter, she was like:

Thanks for being a good sport, Beate!

By: Warwick Bethwaite