We’re halfway through 2019 and we’ve decided to add a new range of content to our armoury. 

We’ve entered the space of vlogging and podcasts. 

Now, this wasn’t an easy transition, experimenting with new types of media. Dale and I did our first vlog and it got some really discouraging reviews:

At Sconetent we persevere, even though those closest to us aren’t the pillar of support they vowed to be:

There was speculation that drug abuse was rife at Sconetent. We can only say that drugs were involved only once, reportedly, when Dale decided on Sconetent’s name.

While the haters hated, we have a couple of fans that kept us afloat.

Shoutout to the following groupies!

Recently, we recorded a podcast as a team and had a chat about interesting facts. This isn’t industry related, so please don’t expect to learn anything, other than us being dumb: 

Why did we start vlogging and podcasts? Well, stagnation in the digital industry often means that you’re not learning. So we’re entering the second half of 2019 aspiring to grapple new skills that help us individually and collectively. 

We’re being more we, more real and more Sconetent. 

Thanks for the read.