A good surprise doesn’t hurt every now and then. We get genuinely excited when we see updates on Instagram stories and the latest emoji slider feature doesn’t disappoint!

It’s very similar to the poll feature, where you ask your followers to vote on a question you have asked them. The emoji slider is a little different though, instead of only being able to click on two options, you can slide the emoji to show how much you like or dislike something.

You can choose which emojis you would like to use in your slider poll to spice it up a little. The objective of this new feature is so that you can get to know your friends/ followers a little better. What’s your first poll going to be?

Instagram's new emoji slider used in stories

How can you use this from a business point of view?

We can engage the users in a fun way, and as we know engagement is the core of what we try to achieve when we create content. Users also want to consume your content on their terms, which means that we need to be agile enough to know how to use this content effectively to better our engagement with your client.

Why is engagement so important?

If you’ve followed or connected with any of us here at Sconetent, you’ll understand the importance of understanding what your emotional driver is. When we generate an emotional response we get our users to engage, and with that engagement we can understand the kinds of needs your audience has to generate real business insights.


Marketing is about learning and repurposing. Digital Marketing is learning on steroids. With real time data, we can evaluate the power of the content and make the changes necessary to make it work harder. We can understand who is engaging with your content and how they’re engaging. The instagram slider is going to make the audience engage more and give us more data.

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