By: Warwick Bethwaite

I’m strange in person.

I’m like a fine whiskey.

Strong smell and usually kept in cellars.

Rough childhood.

It’s because I make a joke out of every situation. Most of the time I get looked at weirdly, sometimes a half asked giggle gets strangled out of someone’s pity for me. It’s safe to say that writing rather than speaking is a comfortable strategy for me to communicate.

My first experience at Sconetent was meeting the managing director, owner and soon to be boss, Dale. We had an interview at Bootlegger, a place I also had no clue about. I’m from Nelspruit, can you really blame me? I knew I was chosen to be interviewed because of writing, something I enjoy and I’ve loved writing since school, through to varsity and all the time in between. I’ve never felt the need to write to sell something or elicit emotions. I wrote to get out emotions and to persuade my lecturers to lend me a few marks here and there.

The first time I wrote for Sconetent was an entry mechanism to test my ability, for Dale’s grading. At that time, I struggled to find something to actually write about. He wanted something that wasn’t about me, so I wrote about my dog in the perspective of him being a homeless drunk Mexican. It must’ve worked. Thanks, José.

Before I came into this industry, I hardly had an idea of what Digital Media was about. I sort of ‘ran’ into this career – I found the job through someone I met at a Park Run in my hometown. It was the best thing to happen to me.

Learning to write for brands has changed the way I look at advertising. What I love most about writing for brands is the experimenting. I always find the most extreme way of saying something, dull it down to make it work for the brand, but keep the edge.

It’s the art of words I am so intrigued with. Executing it, it’s arousing.

Sconetent has been a big part of my growth, the amount that Dale has taught me in such a small period excites me for what is to come. I’ve learned new skills and made friends with an incredible team here. I constantly want to do cool shit with them. That’s what we’re about, doing great work that’s fun. What makes it even better is working on the cool brands that we have.

Thanks 2017, you’ve been a treat.