When you’re at this stage in the process, you’ve got a potential client waiting for you to go and pitch to them. What you need to look professional and to aid you in your pitch, is a well thought out pitch deck. 

Once you have your overarching theme, big idea, budget and your content pillars in mind you can start compiling your pitch deck. It may seem like a massive task at first, but if you take it section by section, you’ll be fine. We’ll go through it with you, section by section below. 

Content page/index 

This is to show everyone listening to your pitch what you’ll be talking about. They will know what to expect and will be able to gather how long your pitch will be*. If you’re sending it over email and they’re going through it by themselves, this will give them an idea of what to expect as well. 

*Tip: Don’t make your pitch too long, you don’t want your audience to lose interest.  


This is where you show the potential client that you’ve done your homework on them and what they’re about. Talk about what work they’ve done in the past and what you like about their company/business. 


It’s important to show them that you know what their competition is doing as well. Here, you should have a look at about two to three brands and what they’re currently doing on their social media. 

Take the brand to the next level 

Here is where you convince your potential client that you’re going to take their brand to the next level and they absolutely have to have you working on their brand. 

Other campaigns

Show them other campaigns that have worked similarly to the one you want to present to them. Show them that it’s possible and make them excited that it will work for them too. 

Current audience 

Talk them through their current audience, are they happy with this? Is this their target market? If they’re not happy then you can assist them in reaching the right audience. 

The Big Idea 

This is where you explain the big idea to the potential customer. This should wow them and make them smile or laugh. You’ve been building up to this point since the start of the presentation and this is what they are waiting to hear. 

Content pillars 

You’re content pillars support your big overarching idea, they are the practical parts of the strategy. 


Sometimes it’s easier to see what you’re trying to put into words. Show the potential customer what you’re capable of by giving them some examples of content. One example from each pillar should be more than enough. You could even throw in a cover photo and profile pic. 


Depending on their set budget and what info they’ve given you, tell them what you’re work will cost them. Make sure it’s in their budget. This is your quote. 

Nice to haves

Add in any nice to haves or big ideas that are not included in the budget. If they love it, they might just go for it and you could make a little more than expected. 

Questions/ The end 

Ask if they have any questions and wrap up your presentation in this section.