Social media can improve your sales and generate leads. 

Social media has the terrible hump of being labelled as only a brand marketing tool. It is something we look to use to only extend reach. Social can solve serious business solutions too.

What are those solutions?

Every business needs sales, social media can assist in the sales process in many ways, especially if you have an e-commerce platform. The below was sent to me by a client, we started to look after their social media strategy on the 1 April.

Improved e-commerce sales from sconetent

The strategy wasn’t overly extensive, we used excellent target driven content and followed the inbound methodology which is, for lack of a better term, a sales funnel. I’d be happy to explain it to you, but it’s really about constant meaningful communication with the customer that is relevant.

The inbound marketing funnel

In the quest for greater service to our customer, we began to investigate how we can generate more meaningful leads for our clients. Qualified leads that beat the resource-driven traditional methods. We looked at many creative solutions and have found something pretty special. We wanted to drive sales with less effort.

Automated Marketing for Lead Generation

Automated marketing generates more leads with a sixth of the effort and cost using pre-set conversation. We create the conversations to make the experience more human and your organisation looks like it has a 24/7 social media team. As you can see below. 


Once a person has engaged with your brand, we tag them according to their interests from their answers. We can then send broadcast messages to them according to their interest.

Let’s say you’re a large retailer and a possible customer has answered that they’re from the Western Cape and that they love coffee. We’re able to send you a specific message about specials with regards to coffee machines in the Western Cape at any time. 

The motor industry can now understand which specific vehicle a client is looking for before they speak to that person on the phone. We’re talking about real, qualified leads.

The power of automated marketing is not something new, but it’s certainly something new for SMME because it was always deemed unaffordable. We’ve got a solution that is not only affordable but effective. You now don’t have to have a full-time social media person.

We’ve spent a lot of time with this and it’s really exciting. We can now generate leads and cover up to 75% of the sales process for your business before a salesperson speaks to your client. Go test it yourself on our Facebook page here:

Feel free to download our presentation by clicking on the link below.

Automated marketing