We’re giving away one months free content to a brand we love to the value of R12 500.

Being a small business is hard, there are a lot of things that you need to think about, most importantly, you need to think about servicing your clients correctly. After all, they’re the ones that pay the bills but you also have to market your brand, that’s why we love social. 

Unrelated, but also related, Sconetent has been nominated for the Sage Small Business Awards with Cape Talk and we thought we’d celebrate with a little competition that uplifts small business.

We find out if we’re a winner on Thursday the 21st at 6pm. Listen to Cape Talk to find out. There are some very cool businesses so it’s really just an honour to be nominated.

There is one thing we love more than small business and that’s brands, these things are related. 

What do you have to do?

  • Visit our Facebook Page
  • Tell us why your brand deserves cool shit.
  • Wait until the end of September to see if we’re creating your content for November. 

So what does this content plan include?

  • 1 Content strategy driven to illicit an emotional response.
  • 9 Pieces of original content for your Facebook page.
  • 2 gifs for your Facebook page.
  • 1 Cinemagraph

You’re probably wondering what a cinemagraph is…