“It’s not about the numbers,” said no one ever. Whether you’ve opened up an Instagram account for yourself or for your business, the numbers in the end, do matter. When it comes to business accounts, the numbers are sometimes all that matters. This is the way to show your client, that you’re reaching the correct audience  And that the content you’re creating is resonating with them

There are a number of ways in which you can get that follower number rising and your engagement higher. We’ve listed five of them for you below.

#1. Imagery

Instagram is the social media platform that is focused mainly on visual content, therefore it is very important that the images you’re posting on the gram are good quality and align with your objectives.. Your goal here is to make people stop to look at your image and to read your copy. Plan your images so that you have a creative flow on your landing page and make sure that your content doesn’t feel repetitive. Stories need to be appealing as well.

#2. Copy

Think about what you would do after seeing a really cool image on Instagram? You read the copy underneath. It’s important that your copy is short and sweet, unless people are following you for advice where you need to list info. Copy should be either informative or punchy, if you can hit both- well done.  

#3. Hashtags

Yes, these really do work. You could even try the experiment yourself, post an image without hashtags and then one with hashtags. See the difference? What’s important here is that you research the right hashtags to use, it won’t work properly if you’re not using the hashtags in the correct way.

#4. Engage

No one likes a monologue and for that reason people aren’t interested in engaging with an account that speaks at them and does not engage in a conversation with them. It’s especially important for a brand to interact with their customers on IG. This means community management should include answering queries, but also following others and liking/commenting on their posts. Posting stories are a good idea too, this shows that you’re active.

#5. Media

This is a very important part of growing your following and engagement on Instagram. Once you have the basics right, attract people to your page by boosting posts or running a ‘page like ad’. It’s important to not overdo it either, you don’t want to spam your audience. This goes for posting too often as well. Once or twice a day is more than enough.

There you have it, a short but simple Instagram strategy to grow your page and hopefully, turn those leads into sales. Be creative and enjoy!