In the very recent few weeks, I’ve sat in front of potential clients to chat with them about how they’re going about conducting their digital marketing spend. Many of them understand the need for social content and how we use it to drive business, but few have the understanding of how much they should be spending. I think I know the answer, but I need your help, because for the most part – we’re friends, or will be soon.

Why are we too scared to pull the trigger?

In 2017 digital ad spend reached $209 billion worldwide, while TV brought in $178 billion. Digital spend took up 41% of the market.

Television spend was at 35%…

What is your split? This is not an argument about which of the platforms is most important, but rather the importance of weighing what works properly and using them effectively.

Communication drives the sales process, and the marketing mix should talk in the same tone of voice. The social marketing funnel is a greater relationship builder than a massive packet of Smarties and three hours of Kate Winslet on a sinking ship in the 90’s.

I’ve put together a survey for you to please have a look at, it’s isn’t long and isn’t something to fear. If you could share it with a friend who is in some way a caretaker for a brand, I’d be more grateful than a Brakpan tyre at a roadhouse.

You can take the survey here: Digital spend survey

To make the process fair, here are some of the fundamentals when looking at your social communications strategy.

Take your social seriously or not at all

You know how important it is that you look like a remarkable brand in the workplace for your customer? Then why is it that you treat it like it’s your baby brother at a high school dance in your approach? You love it but you need it as far away from you as possible. Your social media needs a strategy and a plan of attack, you can’t afford to post anything without linking it to the overarching business strategy.

It’s about the B2B and the B2C

A brand fobbed me off the other day because they said they don’t need social because they’re a business to business brand and that social won’t work for them. The only thing less true than that is that I’m a grand chess master. Business is about generating leads and developing a relationship with those leads. You generate a relationship through communication. We’re doing this with social all the time, make it work for your business. If it isn’t relevant, you’re speaking to the wrong audience.

Hold your tone, dear

This is all about the strategy but it’s just as important. Your brand personality is conveyed in so many ways, it’s important to use social to do that for you and it’s not difficult. Your business story is excellent and your own. Use that to define its personality. Write down some of the principles of the business personality.

Here at Sconetent, we’re conversational, professional, encouraging and imaginative. Everything we create for the brand drives back to these ideas and our overarching objective, to make social media accessible and understood.

Don’t forget to share the survey with friends by sharing this link: Digital spend survey