Creating buyer personas 


In marketing we look at adapting traditional marketing approaches and transforming them to fit marketing for the digital space. We aim to reach a wide audience of people and dive deeper into their buying behaviour, essentially looking at the needs and wants of our consumers.

Digital marketing has become way more personal than traditional advertising which brings buying personas into the picture meaning more people-based marketing.

What is a buyer persona?

A short definition of a buyer persona is essentially creating a fictional representation of your ideal customer to help you understand what exactly needs to be targeted. This type of research helps you to understand the audience and helps agencies create content that is suited for that particular audience. This type of marketing can be a game changer for you when generating your content and aligning campaigns. It is evident that most people have individual needs and wants, which needs to be catered for when content is being generated.

Buyer persona methods

One method is a deeper look into customer’s profiles to undress certain trends and uncover certain leads to that particular buyer for you.

Another way to create personas would be to create a platform that helps capture buyer information, which may lead to a larger lead success rate at the end of the buyer journey. Interviews and surveys can be conducted to gather information needed to really get to know what your audience is after.

It is essential to create many buyer personas as this marketing method will help you to ensure that everyone in your company is speaking the same language when having conversations with leads and customers.

This method can assist you as a marketer to get a full understanding of what makes your customer tick, and it is critical to develop detailed personas for your business or brand.

An example

An example of a buyer persona for Sorbet is a middle class female in her mid- twenties to mid-thirties, who loves mani-pedis and who takes good care of herself. She is determined and driven.

By: Simone Dias