In the article above we spoke briefly about the roles and responsibilities of the staff in a small digital marketing agency which specifies in social media. It’s very important to know what to look for when hiring and choosing people with the necessary skills for your small business.

Not the be all and end all

By looking at someone’s CV doesn’t mean that you’ll know what kind of a person they are and if they will fit into your team. Because you have a small team, they will need to fit in and be able to work with their colleagues.

What you can tell simply from looking at a CV is how people describe themselves and if they are willing to stay for a while. Have a look at how long they spent at their previous jobs, this will obviously be a bit difficult if this is their first job. You could, for example, instead look at the time they’ve spent interning or if they’ve done more than one degree.

Their skills are obviously important as well, if they don’t have any experience in the role they are applying for, look to see if they are eager and quick to learn. You could give them a writing test to do to see if they will be able to do the basics.

Points to consider

When you’re meeting the person for an interview, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what they’re like. Keep in mind that people are generally nervous when going for an interview so they might not be themselves completely.

What you can consider is how they respond to your questions, are they eager and are they honest about something they don’t know? Are they willing to learn? Are they a know it all?

You can also look at their manners, do they say thank you or you’re welcome? This gives you a good indication as to what kind of person they are. As mentioned above, when you’re working with a very small team, these kinds of things are important.

What you could do as well is to get the person to do some freelance work for you first before hiring them full-time. They could work from your office so that you could test how they fit into the team.