Once you are ready to get going, you need to consider a budget for your social media spend on yours or your client’s brand. In this article we’re going to look at what ads you should be running and how much you should be spending on each.

Ads to run

  • Page like ads: these are self explanatory, these ads are designed to increase the following/likes on your pages.
  • Lead generation ads: these ads are designed to get info from your customers, like email addresses for newsletters.  
  • Post boosts: boost certain posts to your audience and people who don’t follow you/like your page, you can get page likes from these too sometimes.

Your spend

We know budgets do range and that you can only spend what you can, these numbers are a minimum recommendation. If you’re willing to spend any kind of money on your social media, you’re on the right track!

  • Page like ads: R2 000
  • Lead generation: R3 000
  • Post boosts: R100 each

When it comes to post boosts, your numbers should vary. It’s very difficult to give a minimum amount here, but with R100, you should see some good results with the right kind of targeting.

The reason not all of your posts should be boosted with the same amount is because your engagement posts, specials or promos and competitions should generally get a bit more budget. This depends on your copy and your image and therefore you would be the best judge of what posts get what budget.

Remember that not all posts need to be boosted, so if your budget is very limited then boost only those that you think will create a buzz.

Keeping track of spend  

A good way to keep track of what you’re spending is by adding the boosting amount to the month’s content plan. Everyone who works with the content plan will then know what’s to be boosted. This works well if you want to keep your documents to a minimum. Keep these on a platform like Google Drive, which has live updates.

If you don’t mind the extra docs, create a spreadsheet where you can track your brand’s spend. If your client or boss wants to see the current spend, you can send this to them or share it with them. Remember to keep these docs updated all the time, if you miss one day, it could cause a bit of chaos.