The office was filled with wonderful energy and had a delightful mood this month, thanks to Monet going on holiday to the Netherlands for a couple of weeks. It soon turned, thanks to Monet returning from her holiday in the Netherlands.

Kidding, we’re glad she’s arrived back safely – with her tie-dye shirt and the sudden urge to buy a bicycle. She also brought Stroopwafels, which Simone seemed to enjoy more than the rest of us!

On the topic of someone not leaving us anything, Simone is, in fact, leaving Sconetent. 

She’s on her way to London to work and travel, while the rest of us have to deal with Beate’s incessant humming.

We’ve got a couple of catch-phrases we’ll never forget when we talk behind your back once you’ve left:

  1. Don’t cook the goose (verb) dont-kuk-tha-guus

When on a bender, one must not consume more than is healthily recommended.

    2) It’s shitting (adverb) its-shit-ing

A state in the weather whereby the rain falls heavier than if it were ‘pissing’.

    3) My head is a jungle (comparative noun) mah-hed-isa-jung-il 

A state of mental exhaustion, confusion and clutter.

    4) Pigeon walk (metaphor) pijin-wohlk

No, not crab walking. Pigeon walking refers to the slight shuffle movement of one foot in front of another. We’re actually not sure. 

Sconetent definitely found more of a culture when you arrived, Deezy. 

Since it’s your last day, the team has something to say:


Fuck. I’m going to miss the laughter. Yours and the giggles you create. It’s so difficult to see someone so important to such a close team go. I’m going to miss your insightful conversations. Your sensitivity is such a strength, make sure those fuckers in London town know how intuitive you are. More importantly, let them know that you’re a team player and that you’re integral to morale. 

You’re a massive part of the Sconetent story. 

Don’t stop sending me tunes. 


I’m going to miss our DMCs and laughs, our Monday afternoon cake runs and the glass of wine (or three), our drives to Instagram spots and chats about photography, the constant encouragement to be our best selves and the early morning company. 

Thanks for the laughs Dizzy, London is lucky to have you. Have the best time on your travels, thank goodness for the gram cause I can keep up with you! Maybe Monet and I will make a little mission to come and visit you. Lots of love xx


I’m really going to miss you dming me some GREAT tunes but most importantly how much you made me laugh. On the daily. Deezy, good luck on your next adventure and I hope you enjoy every minute. You do realise I am now stuck between Justin Bieber (Beate) and Warwick’s weird classical study music. But you know, just worry about yourself. 😉

Mad love dude. See you around. 


Breezy Deezy, thanks so much dude. You’re an epic member of this team – for life. When you leave, I’m losing a smoking buddy, a working partner and a person I can talk to about anything. 

One thing that’s not going to leave is our friendship. I wish you all the best dude and I can’t wait to see you striving on the gram. 

Cheers to you, Deezy!!